What are the Critical Conditions in Laying Out Piping Systems?

two factory workersUnknown to many, there are several considerations during the installation of industrial compressors and pumps, compressed air equipment, industrial pipework and other related systems and equipment. Before you even think about the installation fee and other costs, you should consider some little yet important details, in particular, on how to choose the right pathway for the pipes.

Sharp Angles

Unlike the flow of traffic where you should slow down during sharp curves and turns, compressed air or fluid does not change its speed. This results in a turbulent, convoluted flow of the compressed air or fluid inside the pipes. When this happens, it will cause a decrease in pressure.

According to experts, a 90-degree angle bend on pipes amounts to 3.0 to 5.0 of pressure drop (PSID). Evidently, a straight pipeline is advisable but if it can’t be helped, installing a series of 30-degree to 45-degree curves can be helpful.


Over time, the presence of humid and vapour could affect some types of pipes, causing it to rust. With high pressure, the rust can easily flake off, which could cause clogging, or worse, contamination. That’s not all — corroded pipes are likely to cause turbulence that could affect the pressure.

While moisture is deemed unavoidable, there are certain steps that can be done to address this issue. So aside from buying the best materials available in the market, you should hire the experts.

Pipe Obstruction

Speaking of corroded pipes, finding where the rusts accumulate inside the piping system is actually easy. The most common point these rusts build-up is usually in the valves and connectors. The reason is simple: the diameter of the pipe decreases in these sections.

Another indication of rust build-up is reading the sensors and here’s why. Without any obstruction, the pressure is unchanged from the source to endpoint. If not, look at the sensor points. If there’s a sudden drop of pressure that isn’t caused by curve pipes, that’s where the build-up is.

These are just some factors that, if overlooked, could significantly impact the amount of pressure. Of course, make sure to get only the materials that passed the highest standard of quality and the experts to do the job.