Three Main Advantages of Using Above Ground Storage Tanks

above the ground tanksWhen thinking about storage solutions for liquid materials such as petroleum products, the first thing to consider is whether to build an underground or above ground tank. Whether it’s for a farm or a commercial business, it pays to know which option suits your requirement best, without compromising quality and safety.

Many farm and business owners have seen the many benefits of going for above ground tanks for their operation. Here are some of the best benefits of using above ground storage solutions.

Leaks can be easily detected

Unlike underground storage equipment, above ground tanks are more visible. This allows for easy inspection and maintenance. More importantly, it is easy to detect when there is a leak. There are cases wherein leaks in underground tanks go undetected and contaminate water supplies. That is simply the last thing you want to happen because cleanup of petroleum products can be costly.

It allows easy maintenance, relocation, and replacement

Easy access is another major advantage of above ground storage from its below-ground counterparts. This allows for easier maintenance, relocation, and replacement. This is particularly helpful for growing businesses that need to upgrade or relocate their tanks to accommodate increasing demand. When it comes to maintenance, repainting tanks is also much easier. Also, this benefit also translates to lower costs. Tank replacement will not require costly excavation, back filling, and landscape restoration if it’s installed above the ground.

Above ground, storage has a longer life

While it is normal for tanks to corrode and require replacement, above ground tanks make a better option. This is because underground tanks are more prone to corrosion. The moisture in the soil and other elements can speed up the process of deterioration. In this sense, above ground storage can be considered more long-lasting.

These are the reasons more and more farm, and commercial businesses have switched to above ground storage. If you’re looking to install storage tanks, always consider choosing an above ground tank. For a last piece advice, ask your local authority about the regulations and standards, so you’re sure you’re making the right choices and taking the right steps.