Keeping Your Ride in Tip-top Condition: When is the Best Time to Do It?

Auto Mechanic Working on a CarThe key to preventing troubles while on the road depends on the routine and maintenance of your ride. That’s why it’s essential that you keep a detailed tune-up of the history of your car to improve its performance as well as its resale value in the future.

The question of how often should you check and inspect your car can be tricky. To guide you, here’s a quick summary:

What to Check Frequently?

Warning Lights on Dashboard

As soon as you turn up the key, you’ll notice lights on the dashboard, indicating that there’s something wrong with your oil, engine, and other components of your car. Don’t ignore these warnings to ensure that your ride is in good condition.

Tire Pressure and Wheel Alignment

Before you head off somewhere, whether it’s a short or long distance trip, it’s necessary to inspect your tires and wheels. Ensure that there’s enough tire pressure and that the wheels are aligned properly.

Head, Rear, and Signal Lights

The car lights serve as the car’s communication with other vehicles on the road. To send the right signals and stay safe, make sure all the lights are working perfectly.

What to Check Monthly?

Battery and Electrical

As auto repair companies in Alexandria, VA mentioned, performing a regular check on the battery and electrical is one of the golden rules of car maintenance. Even if your car is yet to hit the 5,000-mile mark, it’s a must that you continue to check its parts.

Belts and Brakes

Most car manufacturers suggest that you service the brake system and belts at least every three months. However, to avoid troubles or failure on this part, you should also be consistent in checking them monthly. This is to enjoy a safer and better performance while on the road.

Fluid Levels

Monitor the fluid levels of your car for an enhanced performance. Never let it go beyond the minimum, as it may cause major problems that may result in costly repair or replacement service.

Follow these basic maintenance schedules to ensure that your car will never let you down. Aside from checking it yourself, it’s important to have a trustworthy auto mechanic do the inspection so they could address any issue immediately.