Why the Sunglass Industry Remains a Strong Market

Woman wearing sunglasses and smilingThe global eyewear industry is valued at $90 billion and is projected to reach $140 billion by 2020. The sunglasses industry is expanding from the estimated 40% that it represented in the industry in 2012.

Sunglasses are often considered a fashion statement, however, customers have to take other considerations into account when purchasing a pair. Even though sunglasses are often fun, frame fit is important as the main purpose of sunglasses are to properly shield the eyes and allow clear vision on sunny days. Well-fitting sunglasses protect eyes from ultraviolet exposure.

Ideally, the right pair of sunglasses are those that customers are comfortable wearing because they fit well and therefore provide wearers UV protection and comfortable viewing, but also, they should add to making wearers look great on a summer’s day.

The branding schemes of sunglass companies has helped establish the presence of eye accessories in the market. Wholesale suppliers at International Eyewear agree that branding has played an important role in establishing the growing market for sunglasses, even when other markets and trends come and go.

Branding is vital for sunglass companies. Standing out from the competition, when products and value propositions are similar, is a challenge. The ability of the company to define itself and successfully project its brand is what sets it apart.

However, consumers look at the quality of the product as proof of the brand’s integrity. The design and its purpose are factored in after the authenticity of the material and the craftsmanship is deemed reliable by the consumer.

While sunglasses are often considered an accessory, there is a growing awareness among buyers that they serve a protective purpose. This benefit should not be lost on opticians and outlets that provide sunglasses. The increasing global awareness of climate change and healthy living has allowed sunglasses to be marketed not just as fashion accessories but also a wise investment in sunny climates.