Survey Shows 4 Out of 5 Americans Enjoy Being Around Water

boat in the middle of the seaThe summer season marks a time when people take out their boats to unwind and relax on the open water, but a survey showed that there might be more Americans that go boating more than we think.

Discover Boating’s poll revealed that four out of five people find it relaxing to be around water. While owning a boat may be quite expensive, there are other options for people to use personal watercraft such as renting them out on a short-term basis.

Science Behind Relaxation

Some experts said the reason why we feel relaxed when we interact with an open-water environment has to do with the human brain. Since it mostly consists of 75% water, spending time away from land triggers a positive reaction to our minds.

More than 142 million Americans go boating every year, according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association. This proves that it can be a great way to relieve stress, especially when people are always connected to the Internet. When out at sea, it lets you disconnect from the online world and take advantage of the time to recharge your mind and body.

Boat Ownership Costs

Those who have been thinking about buying a boat should consider the price of owning one. It requires looking beyond the price tag on personal watercraft. For instance, a brand new pontoon boat cost an average of roughly $30,000 as of June 2017, yet you would need to spend on maintenance on a seasonal or annual basis.

If you live in a state with harsh weather, it’s important to buy accessories that protect your vessel from the elements. You can choose from many affordable custom or bass boat covers for sale.


Boating doesn’t have to be expensive, although owning one has its perks and advantages. How do you spend your free time when you’re out on lake or sea?