Making Hard Work Smooth: 5 Tools Used in Working with Concrete

construction siteIf you work in the construction field, you’d agree that concrete is essential in every construction site. After all, it creates the building or house itself. It’s a mixture of stone, sand, gravel, cement, and water, and could appear grey.

Every construction site handles concrete with special tools because proper concreting ensures the building’s integrity. Here are some examples of the tools used in this process.

1. Concrete Surface Retarder

A concrete surface retarder delays the setting or hardening of cement on the surface while allowing the inner or bottom part to harden. This comes in handy when because construction workers could mould the surface cement in various designs while it hasn’t hardened yet.

2. Edgers

These create flat and straight surfaces, be it pavements or walls. Edgers comprise a flat metal surface with a handle, which would then be put on cement to scrape off any parts that make the surface uneven.

3. Floats

Floats are used on concrete to make them smooth because rough surfaces like pavements or walls would be a hassle for people and vehicle drivers.

4. Groovers

Cracks aren’t just unsightly; they could weaken the pavement or the wall over time. A groover is used on concrete to control cracks in it by forming “control joints.” These joints basically contain the cracks in one place, preventing them from affecting the whole surface.

5. Concreting Rakes

Rakes spread the concrete all over the area that will be paved or built on. Rakes comprise a metal part that does the spreading, and a long rod that workers could use so they wouldn’t have to hunch while spreading the concrete.

Construction sites mainly work with concrete because it’s the main ingredient in making roads and buildings. Handling concrete in construction requires expertise because it could dry quickly or get cracks in it. Tools such as floats, edgers, groovers, and rakes are then used by construction workers so that their work remains smooth and hassle-free.