4 Top Tips for Better Packaging Design

product packagingEvery week, a new great product enters the market. That means retailers must continually create more space to accommodate the latest products. The competition for front space gets stiffer, and unless you are creative, it is easy to get lost in the crowd.

More than a fantastic product, you need a packaging design that stands out. Here are four ideas to help you package your products better.

Be different

If you manufacture food products, it is easy to get influenced by the generic design that everyone else in the market is using. Why not go for an industrial packaging solution that makes your design different? If your competitors are all using brown as the main colour, you can opt for yellow.

That makes your product immediately noticeable.

Be clear and simple

If you already have other products on the market and have just released a new one, it is important that you clearly indicate your company name and logo on the packaging. Include other brand messages on the design too. This makes it easy for consumers to recognise your product immediately on the shelf.

Be honest

While you want to attract your consumer as much as possible using your packaging, you should never fool them. Do not depict a product a hundred times better than you know it is. You may manage to fool customers to purchase your product the first time, but the disappointment they meet with will come back to haunt your brand.

Inform the consumer

The modern consumer will not just buy a product blindly. They want to know who manufactured and distributed it. They are interested in any safe handling instructions they need to know, whether the product needs refrigeration or not, and so on. Be sure to convey this information in your packaging.

Great packaging can drive more sales than poor packaging, even if the product inside is no different. Through careful planning, you can come up with a design that catches more eyes and puts you ahead of the competition.