3 Perfect Reasons to Use a Slimline Tank

slim water tanksWhether you’re building a new home, moving into a new one, or updating your current one, here are three good reasons you should install new water tanks and choose ones.

Compatible with New Building Requirements

If you’re building a home in an area where building codes are strictly enforced, it’s ideal to submit a printout of tank colour options so you can be sure to get the one that’s approved. There are plenty of neutral shades available for slimline water storage tanks, and you’ll definitely find one for your new home. As more home-owners are incorporating green technology into their homes, installing slimline tanks are also useful in storing collected rainwater that can be used for various cleaning purposes as well as for watering the lawn.

Food-Grade Safe Material

These slimline tanks are made with food-grade safe plastic that doesn’t alter the taste of water, no matter how long it’s stored in it. These tanks don’t rust, which ensures a supply of good tasting, clean smelling water that’s free of any unpleasant taste, odour and other impurities that may change the way the water tastes or smells. It also prevents any staining on sinks and clothing, which can occur if the water is contaminated.

Takes Up Minimal Space

Water tanks aren’t considered a sort of design element to enhance the look of your outdoor space in any way, but this is all changing with the arrival of slimline tanks. These tanks look sleek enough to match any outdoor design and can even fit even in the tightest corners where larger, traditional tanks can’t. This makes installing them a breeze and allows you the option to install multiple tanks, as they are slim enough to be positioned side by side. There are also stackable slim tanks that can be lined up against a wall to maximise the space.

Slimline water tanks are an excellent option for anyone looking to improve their water storage system at their new home, updating their old water tanks, and those who are looking for tanks that can naturally blend with the design of their outdoor area. It’s slim enough to fit any space and safe enough to store water for household cleaning and water for cooking and drinking.