Which Type of Strapping is Right for You?

Strapped PackageStrapping is essential to secure items when storing or shipping them. It keeps your consignments in place securely. You also get to hold a large number of items together when using a steel strapping system, thus saving much storage space.

Nevertheless, when deciding to strap your goods, you need to consider what type of products you are strapping. Below are the available options in strapping.

Regular Steel

This strapping is excellent if you need that need extra protection. Steel is stronger and resistant to damage, thus suitable for small to medium applications.

High Tensile

Unlike regular steel, high tensile steel is suitable for heavy-duty applications. High tensile steel finds its applications in securing goods in railroad shipments.


Polyester strapping is not as robust as steel strapping, hence, suitable for medium applications. They are however ideal for storage purposes. Use of too much pressure on this strapping can cause breakage.

Poly Cord Strapping

This type of strapping results from weaving together various polyester straps. Therefore, poly cord strapping is stronger than polyester. Another advantage of poly cord strapping is high shock absorbency for the goods you are securing.

Stainless Steel Strapping

When storing or shipping goods under harsh weather elements, stainless steel strapping is an excellent option due to its high resistance to weather elements. This strapping is available in different sizes. The weight and size of your goods will determine the suitable strapping size.

Now that you know the different types of strapping available in the market, you will need other tools to strap and un-strap your goods such as cutters, tensioners and sealers.

But, while steel strapping systems are not expensive to acquire considering the benefits they offer you, like the strapping, the strapping tools are available in different sizes, and no tool is a one-size-fits-all.

All you need to know is the different types of strapping within your reach and choose one that meets your needs perfectly.