Unconventional Ways to Spend a Weekend in Manila

Manila bay sunsetAdmittedly Manila city dwellers by default flock to nearby malls every weekend to shop, dine and watch a movie but that can quickly lose its charm. For those looking for more out of city life, there are other options out there for weekend activities that do not involve wandering through shops and settling for mediocre movies to pass up the time.

Attend Culinary or Arts and Crafts Classes

Upgrade your cooking skills or learn how to bake by attending courses offered over Saturdays and Sundays at Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center. Courses range from Basic Culinary Skills to Gourmet level and World Cuisines. There are even courses for kids and teens to keep them busy over the weekend.

If cooking isn’t your cup of tea, you might want to pick up a new hobby by attending some arts and crafts classes offered by Maartsy every weekend in Makati City. Learn how to make leather sandals, hand stamped and resin jewelry, soaps and natural makeup. There are kid-friendly classes like painting and plushie making workshops as well.

Head Out for a Quick Trip Outside the City

If the travel bug has got you a day and a half is all you have, you can still plan a quick getaway and still be home and ready for work or school by Monday. You and your family or friends can visit the beaches in Batangas by heading south or hit the attractions of Subic by heading north, both within a three-hour drive. Vans for rent are available all over Manila to help turn this plan into a reality.

If everybody else has their plans and you’re on your own this weekend, why not join a hike up a mountain organized by a tour company like Adventure Philippines. Day hikes and Camping tours are available every weekend including holidays. Secure your reservation and show up at the pick-up point with your gear and let the organizer take care of the rest of the details.

Weekends in Manila don’t have to be spent in malls or movie houses all the time. Try out these out of the box options that will surely give you fun stories to share in the week to come.