3 Top Things You Should Avoid Telling Your Mechanic

Mechanic working on a carSure, you love your car and mean the best for it. But do you really enjoy getting it fixed? The fact is while your auto repair expert in Kaysville would love nothing more than to get you and your car back on the road, there are things that you can say that will rub them the wrong way and cost you dearly. Here are three things your mechanic doesn’t want to hear.

1. Does the car need a tune-up?

It’s an innocent question many new car owners ask. There’s just one problem with this question though. It reveals that you hardly know a thing about your ride’s maintenance, and unscrupulous mechanics will only be too happy to take advantage. What you need to ask your mechanic is what services your car needs given its mileage according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

2. Just do anything

What you’re telling your mechanic is that you really don’t care. Either that or money isn’t a problem for you. If your mechanic knows that they can do anything to your vehicle, then they also know they can charge you anything. What you should tell them is to perform all services only according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and let you know if there are any further repair needed in advance.

3. Come down on the price

The cost of car repairs can be significant. Your mechanic already knows that and will have given you a quote that’s reasonable. It’s wisest to respect that position. Of course, you can always get a lower price from those fly-by-night mechanics on the Internet, but are you sure that’s what you want for your car? And never try to haggle on the price after having agreed on a quote and getting your car repaired.

While you should always be honest with your trusted car mechanic, there are things that you’re better off not telling them. Avoiding saying these things can get your car fixed in the right way and at the right price.