Shine Light Ahead: 4 Light Sources for Safety While on the Road

car headlights and blinkerWhen you’re driving on a dark road, it could get pretty hard to see where you’re going. Perhaps you’re driving during extreme weather conditions. Not only does this sound scary, but it could also be dangerous for you and other drivers and pedestrians.

Not having light to help you see at night could cause accidents. This is why it’s crucial to have lights installed on your vehicle — it enables you to see better and for other drivers to better see you.


Light emission diodes (LED) is a modern light source, present in innovations such as clear LED truck lights. Compared with older light accessories, LED requires less energy to emit light, thus proving to be an energy-efficient and eco-friendly alternative.

Conspicuity Tapes

Conspicuity tapes are reflective adhesive surfaces that you usually stick in the sides of your car. Because these tapes reflect light, a car in your direction would know that you are in front of them once their headlights shine on the reflective surface of the tape.

Conspicuity tapes are made of neon colors — orange, green, or yellow, for instance — because these are bright and noticeable.


Do you see those rotating lights that police officers can stick on the roof of their cars? These are called beacons. You could also use beacons on your own car to help signal other drivers of your presence. Beacons can be either red or orange.


Unlike LED or other light sources that shine continuously, strobes only emit momentary flashes of light. This is enough to alert drivers and pedestrians of your car. Strobes are also energy-efficient as they don’t need the lights to stay on all the time.

There are several light sources you could buy to make your car noticeable on the road. Having light sources will also light the way ahead of you. Installing these shows that you’re a responsible driver who understands the importance of investing in road safety.