3 Easy Ways to Tell Jewelry Might be Fake

diamond stud earringsAfter shopping around for a while, you’ve finally stumbled upon a jewels piece that fits every desire you had. There’s just one problem: you aren’t sure whether it’s genuine. The fact is fake pieces of jewelry have flooded the market in the recent past, and unless you are vigilant, you can fall victim to a scam.

So how do you tell from the beginning that an item might be fake? Here are three sure ways.

1. The price is unnaturally low

A reputable jeweler here in Salt Lake City will always tell you when a deal in jewelry seems too good to be true, then it is. So you’re looking at what claims to be a genuine piece at a hugely discounted price. Your gut tells you it can’t be.

Resist the temptation to scoop the piece right away. Rock bottom prices are very rare when it comes to genuine gems.

2. The seller has a blighted track record

Be extra careful whom you buy designer jewelry from. While there’s nothing wrong with buying pieces online, you should be especially vigilant. Check out reviews from other customers to see whether the seller has a clean past.

Should there be negative reviews that reveal a blemished past on the part of the seller, then flee. You can’t trust their legitimacy or that of their jewelry.

3. There’s zero return policy

One of the biggest giveaways that a piece of jewelry might be a fake is if the seller insists that you can’t return it within a given period. Top pieces of jewelry usually provide two to three weeks for returns in case there are any issues.

This period is meant to, among other things, allow you to take the gem to a third party for testing. A scammer wouldn’t agree to that arrangement.

Buying what you think is the jewelry of your dreams only to discover it’s a fake can be hugely disappointing. For that reason, you should remain vigilant, so you don’t fall victim to a con.