For Business Owners: A Three-Step Guide to Get Funding

Businessman smilingStarting a business is no easy task. You need to secure a lot of essential resources such as capital, manpower, and space. This need has led to companies offering advisory services and direct lending to startup companies who aren’t sure where to start or don’t have enough funds to roll out their operations. If you’re a startup business owner, MRKT Capital suggests some ways you can secure capital for your business goals.

Purchase Order Financing

A major struggle among startups is getting large new orders from clients, but not accepting because they lack funds to create the desired product. Purchase order financing companies can help a startup business who need someone to lend them funds.

Once an agreement is made, the purchase order financing company pays for the resources needed by the startup to deliver the product. Once the product is paid for, the company will also collect payment from the startup.

Asset-Based Loans

Another way is to find a lender willing to grant you a loan, provided that you show proof that you’ll be able to pay it in the future. In cases when you can’t prove it, a lender will still approve the loan based on how much value your assets have. Your assets could include your company products or property. You can pledge these to the lender in case the loan cannot be paid, and they then become “collateral”.

Supplier Credit

When you lack funds to pay for supplies needed for your business, you have the option to ask for a short-term loan from the supplier. One they agree to lend you funds, this is what is called supplier credit. Once you take note of these ways to secure capital, you’ll be on your way to building your business without any limits.

For many businesses, the advice of a finance or lending institution is the best way to make your business succeed.