Key Factors That Will Determine the Cost of Your PPC Ad

Pay per click on laptopThe competition for online business visibility is at an all-time high. Alongside SEO, you can use pay-per-click (PPC) ads to maximize your visibility in the right circles. PPC gives you a clear picture of your campaign through different metrics.

You can therefore clearly see what you are paying for and if you are meeting your goals. The first question most clients ask is how much an efficient PPC campaign with the help of a PPC specialist in Denver will cost. Here are the key factors that will determine your PPC ad cost.

Quality Score

The primary indicator of quality used by Google is the click-through rate (CTR). The higher the CTR your ad gets, the higher its quality score. Other indicators of quality include ad group, campaign, and account quality scores. A good quality score gives you a higher rank at low costs and hence more exposure.

Bid Requirements

There is no maximum cost of your ad, but there is a minimum cost. Your minimum bid for your ad’s first page is based on your quality score.

Before raising your bid, investigate your ad’s performance and ensure this is the right course of action. If you have a good quality score, you might get a bargain on your bid for a good position.

Ad Position

Your bid and quality score influence the position of your ad. An ad placed at position 1 costs more than one on position 2 since the former will get more clicks. Your ad copy should be efficient to turn these clicks into paying customers and hence improve your ROI.

PPC works like an auction, and the more competitors you have, the higher your advertising cost. PPC advertising might seem expensive to you, but this is because it works. The beauty of PPC advertising is that you will get your ROI in a short time, and you can tune the ad anytime to maximize your profits.