Decide on a Course, Ask These 4 Questions

College student in libraryFor the fortunate few, picking a course is a breeze because they have always known the career path they want to pursue. However, for the majority, choosing a course can be an uphill task.

Others sometimes realise they picked the wrong program when they are already immersed in it. To help, the questions below can act as your guide in choosing a suitable course.

1. What are your interests?

Think hard about that one thing that you have always wanted to do. For example, have you always wanted to get into hospitality and tourism management? Have you always loved staying in hotels when travelling? What piques your interests?

When the course you choose resonates with your personality, you are likely to be good at it.

2. What are the entry requirements?

Some courses are just too competitive since their industries have high demand. However, there are others that are not as competitive but are very difficult, and hence many students who take them do not complete the programmes.

Therefore, do your research thoroughly and be honest with yourself — know your capabilities and limits as well.

3. What are the career prospects?

You wouldn’t want to pick a course with career prospects that are low. Therefore, check whether the university has provided the rates of employment for their former students. This way, you can find out which courses have the best prospects.

4. How long will the course take?

This will have an immense impact on how committed you’re likely to be in your studies. It also gives you a chance to make proper arrangements that are crucial for your studies such as accommodation.

It is also the perfect time for you to decide whether you will be a full-time or part-time student. This is all to ensure that you strike a balance between your studies and other priorities.

The freedom to choose what you want to pursue can be a blessing and a curse. You can enjoy pursuing what you love, but at the same time, you might choose the wrong course, which can be costly in the end. However, with some guidance and reflection, selecting the right course will be much easier.