Applications for Aluminium Piping

Aluminium pipesExtruded products, alloys, precision tubing, rolled products production, cast house production and piping are among the major uses of aluminium.

The use of aluminium products has plenty of benefits. However, the characteristic that has made its popularity surge in the recent past is its versatility. The overall affordable cost and ease of installation have seen most people opt for an aluminium pipes for their various uses. That said, here are multiple applications of aluminium piping.

Fire protection systems

Aluminium is robust, lightweight and durable, even in extreme temperature. As such, it is a perfect option for use in fire protection systems. These systems are designed to prevent fires from spreading, and they also reduce the effects of uncontrollable wildfires.

Moreover, aluminium comes in handy to ensure the maintenance of a building’s structural integrity. In that case, it is advisable to use aluminium pipes in the construction of hospitals, high-rise buildings, apartments and car parks.

Compressed air

Compressed air piping systems are mainly used for industrial and domestic purposes since these deliver air directly to the necessary point of use. You can get them in both high pressure and standard usage.

However, note that high-pressure applications are a bit risky and, thus, require a high-quality system to prevent leakage. Aluminium pipes are highly cost-effective and readily available for pressures of 16-70 working bar.

Water Distribution

Effective and efficient water transmission is critical for normal operations of all commercial and residential buildings. Water distribution systems have various pressure variations. What makes aluminium suitable is the fact that it can withstand various temperatures, from boiling to extremely cold and also high and low pressures without giving in. Water pipes need to be properly constructed to prevent leaks, downtime, and destruction of property.

Traditionally, various metal categories were used for piping purposes. However, aluminium has turned the tables by being the most preferred material. Due to its versatility, you can use it entirely in your construction project for various purposes.