Sweat, Stain, and a Dusty Hat: Keeping Your Straw Hats in Good Shape

Woman wearing straw hatA hat, when paired correctly with your outfit, can make you look more fabulous. It has a functional side too, as it could keep the sun’s rays off of your face.

When going to the beach, many people buy straw cowboy hats for sale to protect themselves. After all, who would want to suffer from a facial sunburn? A.A. Callister and other clothing suppliers added that cowboy hats also promote greater visibility since it reduces the amount of light that goes straight to the eye. Along with a good pair of sunglasses, you won’t be squinting to see clearly what’s in front of you.

Taking care of your hat, especially the straw type, is as important as any other fashion item that you own. To know how you could do it properly, you should first know what could make it suffer from wear and tear faster:


Turn the sweatband down if you feel that you’re starting to perspire. If your sweat still reaches the straw hat, wipe it with a clean damp cloth. If you weren’t able to do this right away and your sweat has already dried and made your hat sticky, using a slightly damp foam may help eliminate them. After wiping, letting your hat dry naturally and away from any heat source could help prevent it from deforming.

Shape Loss

Extreme temperature can dry out your straw hat. As it’s made of a brittle material, it can lose its original form easily. It’s best to store your hat in a proper case, such as a box or a big tin can. If you wear your straw hats frequently, then store them in a rack designed specifically for hats.


A dusty hat may cause allergies and even breathing problems if you have a respiratory condition. Brush and wipe your straw hat every after use. Don’t use a colored fabric, though, as its dye may leave a stain on your hat. You can also use a small vacuum to clean your hat so you’re sure you won’t be damaging the materials of your hat.

Foul odor

Hats that have a foul odor may become a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, and other microorganisms. If you leave your hat in such a condition and still wear it, you could grow acne on your scalp or become more prone to dandruff. What’s worse is some insects who feed on microorganisms may actually make your hat their home.

If you want your hat to keep on making a statement, you should take good care of it. Straw hats can last longer than you think. All you need is to maintain it properly.