Here are 4 Kinds of Industrial Mats Businesses Should Have

anti-slip rubber matGood news: the rate of work-related fatalities has fallen for the past years. The bad news is thousands still get injured or suffer from musculoskeletal disorders. Between 2014 and 2015, these conditions made up more than 85 per cent of serious claims.

All jobs carry a certain level of health risk. What businesses can do is to minimise or avoid it as much as possible. One step is to invest in the right type of industrial mat. Here are a few choices:

Anti-slip mats

Slips and trips remain one of the common causes of injuries in the workplace, accounting for about one-fifth of all the cases. Anti-slip mats are resistant to the usual culprits for slipping, which include oil, grease, and vegetable fat.

When it comes to the best material for matting, the best option is rubber mats for industrial use. Whether they are synthetic or natural, they can last for years. They are also easy to clean, quick to find, and convenient to install. Rubber mats also come in different designs such as interlocking or muscled.

Anti-fatigue mats

More than 10 million workers around the world spend most of their time standing. Usually, the only relief is a few intermittent walks or breaks. Just like prolonged sitting, long hours of standing can be dangerous to physical health. It can lead to issues on the hip and ankle joints and can cause inflammation of leg veins, which can be painful.

Anti-fatigue mats provide protection to the feet. They feel like a cushion to minimise the impact of contact with the hard floor.

Entrance mats

Entrance mats are different from the ones found in the bathroom or elsewhere in any facility. They should not be only non-slippery, but they also need to manage foot traffic. They are, therefore, extremely durable.

Traction mats

These are ideal for industrial areas with large moving vehicles. A good example is a warehouse or a construction site. The purpose of the traction mat is to add friction on the vehicle’s path. It prevents them from skidding or losing control and helps the driver slow down.

Safety in the workplace is and will always be the main priority. Protect your workers and boost their productivity with industrial matting.