4 Top Tips to Buying the Perfect Boat Cover

boat covered with pontoon coversIsn’t it shocking that so many people leave their boats uncovered while in storage? It’s no secret that pontoon boats are not cheap. Failure to invest in a cover exposes the boat’s furniture, carpeting and other parts to the elements, making them wear many times faster than they should. But how do you tell which cover is ideal for your boat? Here’s a brief guide.

Check the material

Most pontoon covers are made of either cotton canvas or synthetic blends, like polyester. Many boat owners choose synthetic covers because of the material’s ability to keep out water. When buying, check the material’s thickness as it determines the durability of the cover. The thicker the cover, the more durable it is.

Ensure it’s easy to use

One of the reasons why people don’t use covers is because they find it a bother having to put the cover on every time they are storing the boat. That’s a genuine concern as most covers that come with the boat usually take ages to put on. A simple solution is to buy an aftermarket cover that’s designed to fit your boat easily, so it’s not a pain in the neck to use it

Buy a bigger size

Anyone that has owned a boat long enough will tell you that a bigger cover is better for your boat. That’s because the cover will be big enough to cover a larger area of the boat including the front of the deck and the top of the outboard.

Check that there are extra straps

It’s so annoying to have to struggle with the straps just to have the boat secured. Some boat covers come with few straps, making it a little more challenging to use. Go for those with more straps that go under the boat entirely.

The accessories of your pontoon boat don’t come cheap, and you need to do your best to protect them. Investing in a high-quality cover is by far the best way to do just that.