Acne Treatment: Are You Doing it the Wrong Way?

Woman popping her pimples in the faceWhen it comes to treating acne, the options can be both overwhelming and confusing. The sad part is, it is easy to make mistakes, which can also make your breakouts worse.

If you have tried a lot of products but still didn’t see significant improvements, it is likely that you had become a victim of such mistakes and misconceptions.

Acne treatment centers in Provo such as Revere Health share some the biggest acne treatment mistakes.

You treat your kitchen as a pharmacy

Before trying any homemade acne scrub you saw online, keep in mind that the skin in your face is delicate. Not all things in your kitchen can be considered good alternatives for treating acne. In fact, some of them can be harsh and do more harm than good.

You over-cleanse your face

It is only a misconception that over-washing or scrubbing your face can help you get rid of pimples. The truth is, doing so can strip off the protective barrier of the skin, resulting in more irritation. It is best to use a gentle or a non-irritating cleanser to reduce inflammation.

You solely rely on over-the-counter products

If you tried a lot of over-the-counter products but still struggle with acne, you probably need an individualized treatment plan. If your breakouts are becoming severe, it is best to see a dermatologist. Prescription medications are more effective, as they are tailored to the type of acne you have.

You overuse an acne medication

It is always tempting to apply more acne product, believing that can help banish your pimple faster. This is not necessarily true, as doing so can only dry and irritate your skin. Don’t rush the treatment; start slower so that your skin will have more time to adapt to the medication.

These are just a few of the treatment mistakes that can worsen your acne. If you feel that your breakouts are not getting any better (or if they are negatively affecting your self-confidence), see a dermatologist. They use tools and a variety of treatment methods to deal with your problem effectively.

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