Help Your Babies Sleep Well with These Three Window Treatments

A Sleeping BabyAlthough no two babies are the same, they still have similarities. These include the need to sleep a lot during the first 12 months since birth. Not only can sleep give you a baby that isn’t cranky or irritable; it is also critical to their physical and mental health. It promotes proper brain development and body growth. Some studies suggest it reduces the risk of childhood obesity.

The problem is establishing more consistent and realistic sleeping patterns. Babies tend to wake up at any time when they’re about less than four months due to the moro reflex. A slight movement in the surroundings, change in temperature, sudden exposure to light, or perception of noise may be more than enough to startle the infant.

One of the practical ways to help train them to sleep in regular cycles is by using window covers. The question is, which one should you pick?

Remote-Controlled Blinds

The primary benefit of this type of window treatment is its ease of use. You can hold your baby while adjusting the blinds. You can also be very flexible on how much light goes in the room with a few presses of a button. Motorised blinds have competitive prices. You may even have them customised to your preference and budget.

Black-Out Curtains

As the name suggests, it’s a type of curtain with a thicker or more opaque fabric to help filter a good amount of natural sunlight. It is cheap and easy to find and install. It protects your baby against UV rays and even makes your nursery room furniture last longer by reducing damage.

Smart Blinds

Many homes in the U.K. are now using a smart system — that is, many components such as lights and window treatments are already interconnected electronically. For example, you can make blinds go up and down or open and close using your mobile phone or at a certain time.

A well-rested baby is nice, but a baby who learns to sleep for hours at the right time is so much better, especially for mums. Start teaching them proper sleeping patterns with the aid of the correct window treatments.