Fitting the Ute to Your Requirements

Truck in maintenance storeThe quintessential ute is the workhorse of Australian blue collar workers. This vehicle has been around since the 1950s when the first ute was sold in the market. The designation has changed, but the work has not. This is not a pickup in the traditional sense of the word. It is a car, with a pickup back, and for work and industry, it has a service body, while personal use vehicles may or may not have a canopy.

The Ute

The ute has moved on in terms of design. Nowadays, you can have ute service bodies customised to fit your needs. These include cabinets, shelves, side and rear panels, as well as hangers on top and the sides. For whatever use you, a service body can be fitted to the ute. If you need a tool case, or a cabinet for a propane tank, or a place to hang a ladder, these functionalities are fairly common and could be placed on demand. Other amenities include a coat and hard hat holder or hanger, water dispenser, hose cabinet, and other attachments or tools for special use.

Payload Considerations

The original utes were designed to fit the rugged lifestyle of a ranch or for daily trips along rough roads. Carrying supplies, equipment, produce is as necessary now as it was at any other time during the last 60 years.

The ute may have evolved, but the jobs are still the same. The tools have progressed, but you still need to get from the city to rural areas, through rough roads and dirt tracks. The passengers can take the rough roads, but it would a lot of hassle to have your equipment and tools banging around on the back without being strapped down. The shelves and cabinets are designed to make sure that no loose tools or equipment can cause any damage to the vehicle.

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