Content is King in SEO, and so is Content Marketing

Content marketing strategy on a chalkboardNew York has an impressive 2.1 million small businesses, making up 99% of all businesses in the state. This signals the booming industries of the Big Apple, not to mention its stable and thriving economy. Furthermore, it received the top ranking position as the best place for immigrants to start a small business.

At the same time, this also means that your business has many competitors to deal with. With potentially hundreds of other organizations fighting for the attention of the same target market, you need to have solid and powerful marketing strategies. Coforge Marketing noted that this is where a content marketing campaign — developed and curated by a highly experienced New York SEO agency — comes into play.

The primary purpose: To be seen and heard

You most likely have heard how content is king in the world of search engine optimization (SEO). And content marketing takes this seriously, capitalizing on how consumers always look for and welcome fresh, relevant, and interesting information about products and services they need and prefer.

At its core, smart and savvy business owners use content marketing to make themselves seen and heard. These customer-central messages give marketers and advertisers a way to stand out from the crowd.

Brand awareness without the usual hard sales pitch

Consumers are always hungry for information they can use, especially when they know that they can trust and rely on the source. They prefer to take in new pieces of knowledge through an informative layout rather than learning about it through a sales pitch. As such, they look favorably at organizations that feed them facts in a helpful manner, instead of one that has the obvious intention of hard selling a product or service.

Content marketing is all about communicating specific messages that deliver high quality, factual information, which consumers are more likely to listen to. Through the help of SEO specialists with a mastery of this type of marketing, your target market will look at you as a valued provider of information, rather than an unwanted advertising interruption.

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