Coffee Table Shopping: In Search of the Perfect Office Centerpiece

Simple but modern coffee table made of glass and woodThe coffee table is the ultimate accent piece. The reception area of your place of business will stand out with a stylish and equally functional décor. You may invest in a pricey piece for as long as you have determined it to be a perfect choice.

Main aesthetic attributes

Of the many characteristics of a coffee table, what are the most critical considerations for purchasing one? Being at the center space of your reception area, the table draws attention. As such, it must define the aesthetics of the place.

The view of the interior as a whole will depend on the style and shape of the table. Circular and elliptical pieces are rather popular as office furniture here in Kansas City, particularly in offices with a contemporary theme.

A more traditional square or rectangular piece still fits an office with a bolder and classier look. When deciding which coffee table to buy, think about your brand as well, and make sure it complements the message you wish to send to the public.

Use and function

Function is another important consideration. Is the table solely for decoration, or will it store items such as magazines and periodicals for the use of your guests and clients?

You must determine, before buying one, if the table will serve other purposes, such as a place to hold food and drinks when the reception area is used to entertain in social functions of the office. Certain styles of furniture allow people to mill around easily and encourage socialization.

Moreover, consider whether young children will be using the area, and make sure they remain safe being around your furniture.


Consider also investing in a coffee table made from sustainable materials. Green design is the wave of the future, and it will not hurt to look at options offered by manufacturers who are keen on maintaining a low carbon footprint.

Are you in the market for a coffee table for the office? Find something that makes sense, looks great, and can be used in the way you intended. It should not be too hard.