Top Techniques to Choose the Right Keywords

Keywords SelectionBusiness competition online is becoming more and more competitive. You have to be smarter when it comes to using and optimizing keywords as your competitors may be using the same or similar terms. Denver experts on AdWords cite the following techniques that enable you to improve your search term selection process.

Factor in the Article

C1 Partners advises that the keywords must represent the topic of the article you publish; using words that are unrelated may affect the ranking of your page. Review the content of the post and the phrases you are considering; doing so allows you to make an informed choice as to what may work best, regarding attracting the right traffic and improving rankings.

Big Numbers Aren’t Always Rewarding

It is tempting to select and optimize keywords that draw the highest volume of searches; however, these are often short and broad phrases that most of the competition is already targeting. Unless you are a brand authority, it will be difficult to rank for phrases in this category. As an alternative, choose specific terms that are likely to rank higher once you optimize them.

The technique for successfully choosing a keyword is to select one that accurately represents what your post is about. There’s no silver bullet to finding the perfect match, but an effective way to approximate is to focus on the relevancy of the terms on your list to your brand and the articles you publish.

Long Tail Terms

A shorter and general term may generate more search volume; however, this isn’t a practical approach as you might get clicks, but these leads may be further up the sales funnel and need more effort to convert. You might also be at the back end of a results page because you lack the authority to rank higher. In such situations, it is better to use long tail keywords because these are more accurate and have the interest and intent of a searcher in mind.

These are efficient techniques when it comes to researching and identifying the appropriate keywords to use and optimize. Implement these to maximize your reach and gain a competitive advantage.

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