Financing Options for Your Small Business

Approved small business loan application and dollar billsNo matter how small, you need capital to get your business started. Some expenses need to be settled before you can start business operations, such as rent for your office space and the initial source of income for your employees. Don’t worry, though. There are several financing options to help you get your business off the ground.

P2P Lending

Many entrepreneurs face the dilemma of having to wait for a long time to have their loan approved by a traditional lending institution. A lending platform that connects lenders with investors can expedite the process. This way, you find several possible sources of a loan, and you can check the terms before you apply for anything. It’s similar to borrowing money from the bank, only with less hassle and shorter waiting time.

Starting a Line of Credit

You don’t want to dip into your personal finances just to get your business afloat. Not only will tax filing be a nightmare, you may also have a hard time tracking your personal and business expenses. Though an accountant can help you make sense of your personal and business expenses, you can also start a line of credit for the business and use it to pay for materials and other operations expenses. Because this is a line of credit that is tied to your business, it should only be used for business transactions and not personal ones.

Using a Collateral

When applying for a loan, you may have a hard time getting it approved without a collateral. Here, the title for your house or other assets can come in handy. If this is the route you’re going, however, make sure you will pay your loan back on time unless you are willing to lose your house in the process.

Money should not limit the growth of your company. Spend your capital wisely and look for smart ways to get funding.