Shopping Purposely: Choosing Toys for Your Speech Delayed Youngster

Girl studying languageSpeech language pathologists know that there are different kinds of toys for kids who experience language and speech delays. As a parent, ensure that you get the right speech development toys to help in their brain development.

Choose Open-Ended or Traditional Toys

Open-ended toys are pieces that don’t have any beginning, middle, or end. Your little one can use them in different ways and allow them to have the choice in how they will use and manipulate them. Go back to basics and have them play with some of the following:

  • Transportation toys, like cars and trucks, but without batteries, so it doesn’t make any noise. The key here is for the children to make the noise themselves.
  • Train tracks and trains (with batteries) that will move around the track, as long as it doesn’t produce sound.
  • Farm or animal sets that will suit their interests. Again, go for something that doesn’t make noises.
  • Legos and wooden blocks, so they can use their imagination in forming a story and building whatever they want.
  • Play kitchen, play food, a dollhouse, dress up clothes, tool sets, or tea sets. These can unconsciously make their brains work harder to develop their own storyline to entertain themselves.

Skip The "123s and ABCs"

You might think that these educational toys are great for them, but these aren’t the type of things that you’d want them to learn. You might have gone back to basics with toys, but your youngsters won’t need the kinds of toys that teach ABCs, colors, and numbers. All they do is flash lights and play music. Your speech pathologist would agree that these skills are not the ones that you need to target.

In the end, the best toys aren’t toys at all. In fact, you can serve as the best toy or tool to teach your youngsters. Sing with them, tell them stories, play hide and seek, teach them finger plays, and talk to them in a funny voice.