Gig Writing: How to Be a Freelance Writer

a woman jotting down notes from the information in the computer Business is booming for freelance writers online. If you’re thinking about leaving your day job and starting a career as a writer, or would like to have a side gig for extra income, here are some tips for success:

 Save up for what you need

Before quitting your regular job, you may want to save enough money to support your new gig.  If you have to start now but don’t have enough saved up, perhaps you can take out a title loan in Sandy. Such loans use your car or motorcycle’s registration as the collateral and are much easier to get than bank loans.

Make a list of the things you need: a laptop, perhaps a working area at home, a fast Internet connection, etc. and budget accordingly.   If you do take out a loan, pay it back as soon as you get your next paycheck or as soon as you save enough from your new gig to avoid high interests.

Learn to write in sips and gulps

This means you should be able to write whether you have five minutes free on the subway or an entire weekend at home. Learning to write this way ensures your time never goes to waste as you stay productive wherever you are at any time.

Get a laptop

As an online freelancer, your laptop is your bread and butter.  The good news is, there are many laptops these days that don’t cost much. The advantage of a laptop is, of course, that you can bring it wherever you go: on a train or a plain or a bus, under a tree on your campus, or at a coffee shop.

Use the Cloud

Some writers use a desktop at home and continue working when they’re away by using a laptop or a tablet. You don’t want to depend on a thumb drive all the time. A thumb drive or an external HDD is a good backup, but consider using online data storage services for saving your files and working on them whenever you have access to the Internet. If you want to buy an affordable laptop, consider a Chromebook which allows you to maximize the cloud too.

Set up a working nook at home

This is especially useful advice for writers who cannot work unless the place is familiar and private. You can use a spare room or set up a workstation in your garage. Some go as far as building a home addition for a home office. If you’re serious about this, that may be a good idea.

Freelance writing is a good thing for just about anyone who understands how to work online. Follow these tips and become the freelance or work-from-home writer you’ve always wanted to be.

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