Make the Classic Even Better: The Best Sides That Go with Fried Chicken


The sound of fried chicken’s crisp and crunch can make your mouth water. What more if you taste its deliciously fried meat? By default, fried chicken is a classic dish that can stand on its own. But if you need to make your fried chicken experience even better, you can pair it up with equally delicious side dishes.

You can go for classic, such as mashed potatoes with brown gravy mix or buttered corn and peas. But if you are looking for alternatives, there are many dishes you should try.

Below are some of them:

Cornbread and Other Breads

There are other sources of carbs that can go well with your fried chicken. Corn-based meals, such as cornbread, can be your best bet. If you want, you can get your French toast and enjoy your fried chicken with it. Butter toast sounds good, too.

Fried Rice

If you want a heavier meal than usual, you can go for rice. But if you want it to give some Asian flavor, go for fried rice. Fried rice is surprisingly easy to prepare. Just toss in some peas, chopped leeks, egg, and a little bit of soy sauce.

Mac and Cheese

Sounds weird, eh? But your favorite TV buddy surprisingly goes well with fried chicken. If you want a better and cheesier experience, just have it in a pan, put some mozzarella and bacon bits, and put in a oven for a few minutes (or seconds, if you may).

Fried Green Tomatoes

If you want to have juicy and crispy side, you can deep-fry your favorite green tomatoes. Not only will it go well with your fried chicken, but you can put in your sammiches and salads.

These are just some of the side suggestions that may go well with your fried chicken. If you don’t feel like making any of these, you can try experimenting with other dishes!