Five Tips to Keep Your RV in Tip-Top Condition

RV van in the field

Owning a recreational vehicle can usher in a lot of fun in your life. However, an RV requires proper maintenance failure to which could result in damages that may be expensive to repair. The following are five tips to maintain your RV in top notch condition.

1. Take care of the engine

The engine is the most important element of your vehicle; otherwise, you could just have bought a tent. If you want to remain mobile, you must take care of your engine with even more enthusiasm than your regular car. This is because an RV is a heavy vehicle, and the engine has to work harder. So don’t neglect the oil and filter change and have it checked regularly by a certified professional.

2. Keep the exteriors and interiors clean

Wash the exterior of your RV regularly to remove dirt and other materials that may corrode the paint. Bird poop is especially dangerous; it can cause etching and permanent damage to the paintwork of your vehicle. It is advisable to wash it off immediately. Cleaning the interior of your RV keeps it in a good condition and reduces the accumulation of materials that can wear out the carpet.

3. Keep it under shade

Summer is fun but the sun is not very friendly with the paintwork of your RV. Extended exposure to direct sunlight speeds up oxidation. Oxidation is a process that involves the addition of oxygen molecules to a substance. When oxidation occurs in paintwork, it loses its lustre and begins to fade. If action is not taken, chalky appearance results, which may significantly lower the value of your RV. To prevent oxidation, store your vehicle under a shade. In Australia, an RV canopy is one of the most popular ways to prevent paintwork damage by the sun.

4. Prevent water leakages

Water can leak from the roof through the seals and seams. Poorly sealed windows can also be an entry point for water when it rains. Water can cause serious damage to your RV, which could cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Therefore, ensure that your RV is waterproof and ensure that pipes, sinks, and the toilets do not leak.

5. Keep your electricals in good shape

Check on the generator regularly and exercise it even though you may not be using your RV. This increases its longevity and reduces starting problems, which mainly result from dormancy. Ensure that fuses and circuit breakers are in good condition and repair damaged cables. This is important in reducing the chances of an accidental fire.

You will agree that it is better to prevent damage from happening than to deal with the consequences. Embrace these tips to keep your RV in the best condition.

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