How Much Can You Earn from Your NZ Assets?

Money in a piggy bankDo you have any idea how much you will likely earn if you decide to sell your assets? If you did and you could not come up with an answer, then you are lucky. This article will serve as your guide.


The easiest and fastest asset you can sell is a coin as there are great coin dealers in NZ. These people also have the tendency to sell gold bouillons, bank notes, and medals. Coin expert Auckland Collectors Centre says the price of the coins depends on many factors such as the rarity, story of the coin, and age.

The older they are, the more expensive they tend to be. Take, for example, the pure gold coin released in 2010. With no more than 500 of such coins issued, it fetched more than $2,500 each.


There are many ways to sell artworks especially paintings, but if you already have an extensive collection or were able to snag works from prominent artists, they are more likely to end up in auctions, where the highest bidder gets them.

The most expensive artwork ever sold so far in the country was worth $1.35 million, but if you are going to ask the person who bid and won it on behalf of its clients, it is already a bargain, considering the artist.


For the last few years, the demand for homes in New Zealand is low, although it does not stop home prices to continue to increase albeit at a slow pace. The country’s average home price in 2016 is about $366,000.

If you are living in Auckland, then you tend to command the highest prices in the market at an average of $587,000.

Used Car

Another possible asset you can sell when the going gets tough is your vehicle. When you want to know their resale price, typically you go to car comparison websites, but how does your car’s value hold up with the rest of the world? A company called Carspring decided to come up with a report about that.

Compared to the United States, New Zealand has more expensive used cars but slightly cheaper than Australia’s.

All assets are worth something, but some are just so valuable others are willing to pay a premium for them.