Three Cheap Ways to Make Hand Tools Last a Lifetime

Hand ToolsThe success of a DIY home repair project requires more than home improvement know-how: it also requires the right set of tools for the job. Form Direct, a supplier of concrete construction equipment, emphasises the importance of using the right tools and construction supplies, especially in home makeover and repair projects.

Before you get your hands on the tools you need to embark on your DIY project, make sure they are in good working condition. Hand tools are, after all, a necessity in house repairs. Here’s how you can make those tools last a lifetime.

Store the Tools Properly

Storing hand tools and other equipment properly doesn’t require a big working area or a tool shed. In fact, you can work with any space you have at home or in your working garage. While pegboards are often the best way to store your handyman collection, you can also keep them in drawers, chests, bags and boxes. Just make sure to store the tools in a dry place, as the moisture could end up damaging the tools.

Clean the Tools Regularly

The best practice is to clean tools after every use. A regular tool cleaning regimen can prevent costly repairs and replacements. For hand tools like pliers, hammers and screwdrivers, you can use soapy water to clean them. Do make it a point to dry them thoroughly afterwards and spray them with a metal protector to prevent rusting.

Inspect the Tools before and after Use

Check your tools and equipment before you perform DIY repairs. This will give you enough time to get replacements for any defective tools, if necessary. Using damaged or broken tools may cause an accident or potentially damage your project. So, make sure you check your equipment ahead of time.

Hand tools may not cost much but they do make a sizeable investment. Instead of having to replace them, these simple maintenance tips can help you maximise your small investments and even save on home repairs that you can do yourself without any costs.