Hear It Roar: The Most Marvelous Places in Singapore

Lion City, SingaporeAptly called the Lion City, Singapore is roaring with some of the world’s most marvelous tourist destinations. Perfect for both locals and tourists alike, you’ll surely love visiting spots like…

  1. The Singapore Flyer

Taking inspiration from the London Eye, the Singapore Flyer gives prominent views of the city. In Singapore, the SAF truly works for this one, making sure that riders are safe while checking out what Singapore has to offer while in what was once the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. Once done with the ride, they can go to shops and restaurants at the Flyer’s 3-floor terminal.

  1. Gardens by the Bay

A futuristic, dystopian-like park located near Marina Bay, the award-winning Gardens by the Bay was given the distinction of Building of the Year in 2012’s World Architecture Festival. People can stroll around the lush skywalk while feeling various kinds of recreated weather from the tree-like greenhouses.

  1. Universal Studios Singapore

The first great theme park in Asia, Universal Studios Singapore is a fun, adventure-packed destination. Here, you’ll be able to set foot in more than 20 attractions — such as Far, Far Away, Madagascar, Hollywood, and more that are all inspired by your favourite movies. Rollercoasters and water rides are also around for maximum excitement.

  1. Night Safari

While there are zoos everywhere, there are not many night safaris in the world. This one right here boasts of the best nocturnal animals in a friendly, natural setting. A trail walk is available if you want to learn more about the said animals — and rainforest-themed restaurants are around, too.

  1. Marina Bay

Marina Bay — and most importantly, Marina Bay Sands — offer great views of Singapore and its waters. A light show is able to illuminate what’s around, and once that’s done, you can enjoy shopping, eating at amazing restaurants, or even playing at the casino — making Marina Bay one of the best nightlife options around.

Singapore truly has a lot to offer — and these are just examples of what awaits you in the Lion City.