Pro-Tips for a Memorable Holi-Theme Party

Memorable Holi-Theme PartyAre you in a bind for ideas for a party theme? For your next hosting stint, why not try a Holi-inspired bash?

A Background on the Event

Holi is an annual festival celebrated in India and Nepal. The festival is primarily a celebration of the arrival of spring. It is also a time to celebrate love and colors. The highlight of the festival is when attendees spray, throw, and play with colored powders and liquids. Participants of any Holi celebration often end up with splashes of colors all over themselves.

Here are several pro-tips that can make your own Holi-inspired party a hit with your guests.

Pro-tip # 1: Establish a Dress Code

Considering that Holi is a celebration of colors, encourage your guests to come to your party in white. They can come in the skimpiest number if that is their thing or in a more formal outfit if they prefer. Nonetheless, it has to be in white. A Holi-themed party usually ends with people being splattered with different colored powders. And what’s a better way of showing all those colors than a white outfit?

However, if you consider wearing white as boring and staid, here’s a suggestion to liven things up. For your female guests, offer freshly picked flowers to wear on their hair. A floral wristband for the male ones will also be a nice, exotic touch.

Pro-tip # 2: Stock Up On the Colors

As you will be celebrating colors, make sure to stock up on an ample supply of powder and liquid colors. The highlight of your party would be the throwing and smearing of the colors on each other. Do not skimp on quality. Make sure to buy Holi powder and liquid colors that are safe for use on the skin and friendly to the environment. You want guests going home not with an allergic reaction, but with memories of the fun they had at your party.

Pro-tip #3: Pull Out All the Stops, Culture-Wise

For the day, prepare a playlist of Bollywood music. There are numerous suggested playlists online suitable for your party’s theme.  Moreover, guests will appreciate a culturally infused menu, so make sure to serve traditional dishes for the event. Some examples are gujiyas or sweet dumplings, phirni, and shakkar paare.

Your Holi-themed party can be a great opportunity for people to express themselves. It can be an avenue for discovering true happiness. Get ready to be known as the best party host in town.