Patching and Slicing 101: Your Guide to Electrical Repair Kit

Electrical Repair KitThe thing about machines is that they fail and break down – electrical devices are not an exception. That is why there will always be a need for skilled handymen to make the necessary repairs. If you are the resident handyman at home or a practicing technician, you know that patching up breakdowns in electrical devices requires a kit for the job.

If you have not already sorted this out, here is a quick guide to completing your electrical repair kit:

Smart Testers

The first part of patching up an electrical problem is knowing the cause. If you are attending to a shorted out socket, or attempting to replace a part in a device, it is important to know the underlying electrical values, such as the voltage, resistance, and current. To do this, you need a tester. Testers come in different denominations, such as analog/digital and voltmeter. A good investment is a digital multimetre, as it measures exact readings of any electrical value. You can even configure this for AC and DC, as well as other multipliers such as milli, micro, and kilo.

Tools of the Trade

Now that you have the tester to properly assess electrical values when it comes to repairs or modifications, you need the standard tools for tinkering with electrical devices. Take stock of your tool kit and make sure you have the basics, such as screw drivers, long nose pliers, cutters, wire strippers, tweezers, soldering iron, and pump. These tools will allow you to remove, replace, install, and manipulate electrical components during your work. Make sure the tools requiring manual use are properly insulated to protect you from electrical shocks.


Any half-trained handyman can do electrical repairs, but it take a real craftsman to do it efficiently. The last part you need for your kit are electrical accessories. These are an optional component in the work itself, but can make the difference between a crude repair job and a well-polished work. Cable ties from Perth suppliers, electrical tapes, and heatshrink wraps help secure electrical wires and prevent shorts that might damage the circuitry. Always have these accessories in your kit for a well-decked out patching.

Fixing electrical devices require skill and equipment. With the right kit, your job will be easier.